The Marcon Court Project x Zeph Store: The Atlas Jacket

Introducing The Zeph Maker Series

Some of our most exciting finds are small businesses, artists and creators who are very often local to us (South East London). This platform was designed to curate our favourite things so it felt right to start collaborating with these inspirational makers on limited edition collections that you can’t shop anywhere else. We launched the Zeph Maker Series in Summer 2021 to bring our collaborative vision to life and make more dope stuff for all folk. 

With some creators we provide a small batch of our products for them to customize (see the *OMFG so dope I can't even deal* collection we're about to launch with Laura from The Marcon Court Project), other times we work with makers who create the product from scratch, and we provide the curation to match their vision to our audience. Either way our mission is to make unique products you won't find anywhere else and have fun doing it.

We split the profit on each item with our makers, so choosing to purchase with us supports and helps them grow as much as we do and makes you feel good for supporting small businesses. 

Are you a maker and interested in collaborating with us? Send us an email ( about yourself under the subject 'Zeph Maker Series' we'd love to hear from you.