Your No Worries Weaning Guide

Your No Worries Weaning Guide

Weaning is big business these days (despite being a right of passage for all humans since forever). We've written up our no nonsense guide to getting your little friend on board the snack train without all the expensive gadgets. 

Knowing When To Wean

There seems to be a magical weaning line everyone waits to cross the day their baby turns 6 months old...Top tip from us: You can decide to follow your baby instead of the calendar. Just look out for signs of readiness (which you can find on the NHS website). Zeph and Dali are both pint sized foodies and started showing interest around 5 months. 

All The Gear, No Idea

The Karen's in your life will have all the most expensive and unnecessary weaning things and guilt you into having to purchase a £300 baby blender you'll never use. The real list is short and sweet:

1. A bib with a scoop is more essential than any crazy contraption that claims to catch all their food before it hits the matter how you dress them they will cover your walls and floor in mashed potato

2. Any spoon will do, some babies just don't like spoon feeding, so don't buy 20 different types only to end up with the same result

3. A silicone suction bowl / plate will keep more food on the table and won't break when pelted across the room

4. A regular blender is the only blender you need, do not invest in some machine that claims to have reinvented the need to blend the food, you might as well save the counter space and use the same device for your breakfast smoothie and all the tiny meals

5. Some teeny tiny solid Tupperware. If you don't have a microwave buy glass Tupperware as you can cook teeny little meals in the oven straight from your freezer 

How Much Food Should My Baby Be Eating?

Some babies jump into it and within a couple of weeks are on 3 small meals a day alongside their usual milk feeds, others will take a teaspoon at best for a couple of months before they start to show more of an interest. If your little friend doesn't seem keen just keep offering a great variety and eventually it'll start to click (until they become a toddler and only want to eat baked beans for every meal)

Don't Feel Bad About Buying 'The Pouches'

Ella's Kitchen, Sainsburys Little One's, Little Freddie...whatever brand you choose they will change your life and every mum you know uses them...we all feel a strange perpetual guilt as if we're failed housewives and not women juggling babies, jobs and side hustles. 

Find me a toddler who won't fight you for a smoothie pouch too, the baby food pouch is a gift that keeps on giving long after textured food enters their world

 If You Have Any Concerns Phone a Friend (Or Your Health Visitor)